About Us

Welcome to our blog – we are happy to have you here!

We decided to put our “normal” lives on hold and are traveling the world until we either get bored or run out of money. (Update: we didn’t run out of money or get bored. But we are sick of always being on the move! So now we have moved to Vancouver Island and have started up businesses: Fulfilling Nutrition and Bryan Chu Photography). Hopefully it will be the former (but our penchant for trying out new restaurants might make the latter more likely). Only time will tell.

On our adventures, we are most excited about learning new cooking styles and recipes, exploring city streets and markets, doing an assortment of above- and below-water activities, hiking in exotic mountains, sitting on beaches, standing on beaches, walking on beaches, and lying on beaches.

Our plan with this blog is to chronicle not only the fun parts, but also the more challenging  parts of long-term travel. As we discovered when Bryan locked our car keys in the trunk in the middle of nowhere in Mexico, often the most stressful moments make the funniest stories later on!

This bodes well for the potential entertainment value of this blog, as Bryan has a knack for getting himself into all kinds of unlikely and unfortunate predicaments. Whenever he says “don’t worry”, Lisa knows it’s time to start worrying, if she was not doing that already…

We hope you enjoy!

You can follow us on Instagram: @bryandchu and @lisa.gets.lost